Knowledge Bowl team excels with its individual brain power

Cotopaxi High School Knowledge Bowl team coach Lou Collins has the answer as to why her team does so well against the top competition in the state.

“We have a well-rounded team, however, each member tends to specialize in a particular area,” Collins said. “We tend to rely heavily on Drayven Bowton for a lot of the math questions. Amelia Tonneson does well with science and geography, and Noah Jamerson excels in history and civics. Sage Laymon also does well overall, but we definitely lean on her in the arts and sports.”

The Pirates won top honors again in the small-schools division on Nov. 7 at Adams State College. They return to action on Dec. 5 for another competition in Alamosa. There are approximately 30 teams which compete at the Knowledge Bowl events in Southern Colorado.

Collins said the team’s culture is deeply rooted in routines and tradition.

“I think that helps to keep them focused and in sync,” Collins said. “We always stop in Salida in the morning for coffee and donuts, and then our lunch break usually consists of grabbing lunch and taking it to the local park where they play groundsies (a tag game on playground equipment). It sounds silly, but it gets everyone awake and moving for the afternoon rounds. Plus, it’s just quality time hangin' out and building relationships.”

Cotopaxi’s junior varsity team of Lydia Tonneson, Kaytee Fergusen, Amanda Fallas and Vincent Johnson has also fared well this season, with victories in the small-schools division.

Cotopaxi will look to peak at the regional event on Jan. 28, with state set for March.