The answer is …

The answer is …

Knowledge Bowl team off to a solid start

On what planet did the Soviet spacecraft Venera 9 make a soft landing?

What literary device involves a play on words with the same sound but different meanings?

Find the geometric mean of 7 and 21. Express your answer in simplest radical form.

This is just a sampling of questions that members of the Cotopaxi High School Knowledge Bowl Team could see at any of their competitions.

Cotopaxi is off to a great start this fall as it competes against approximately 30 teams in Class 1A–3A at events held at Adams State College in Alamosa.

Cotopaxi kicked off its season on Sept. 19, finishing first overall and first in the small schools division. The junior varsity also placed first at the meet.

At a competition on Oct. 10, Cotopaxi placed third overall, just a few points behind Alamosa and Salida. It still, however, took top honors in the small schools division, beating the likes of La Veta and Creede. The junior varsity placed second.

Making up the varsity team are Amelia Tonneson, Drayven Bowton, Noah Jamerson and Sage Laymon. The junior varsity is composed of Lydia Tonneson, Kaytee Fergusen, Amanda Fallas and Vincent Johnson.

“We have weekly practices on Wednesdays during their lunch period,” coach Lou Collins said. “I have a program that generates Knowledge Bowl questions, and we spend that time practicing, discussing strategy, concepts, etc. They also do some research and studying on their own time.”  

Cotopaxi returns to action on Nov. 7, with regionals and state slated for late January and March, respectively.

And the answer to the questions above: Venus, Pun and 7 times the square root of 3.